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ColouredLove is in the Air (Flower Thrower)Have a Nice DayDi-Faced NotesGo Flock YourselfMosquitoLaugh NowFilthLenin On SkatesMarc ChagallLes CyclistesLes Amoureux (The Lovers)Au Cirque, Le PoneySoren DahlgaardSiena, 5 (London Dough Portrait)Sarra, 37 (London Dough Portrait)Marcus, 35 (London Dough Portrait)Andrew, 39 (London Dough Portraits)Arthur, 8 (London Dough Portrait)Ash, 20 (London Dough Portrait)Bethan, 20 (London Dough Portrait)Dawood, 35 (London Dough Portraits)Elena, 29 (London Dough Portrait)Hiran, 24 (London Dough Portrait)James, 45 (London Dough Portrait)Leena, 36 (London Dough Portrait)Samapika, 31 (London Dough Portrait)Tim, 30 (London Dough Portrait)Miguel, 21 (London Dough Portrait)Louise, 33 (London Dough Portrait)Tina, 41 (London Dough Portrait)Samik, 36 (London Dough Portrait)Olympia, 5 (London Dough Portrait)Richard, 9 (London Dough Portrait)D*FaceStay UpDavid Roux-FouilletZeppelinsExuvie: Hybrid - SolExuvie: Hybrid - TricepsExuvie: Hybrid 3-1Exuvie: Hybrid 3-2Exuvie: Hybrid 3-3Zeppelin-BoyauxOrnamental Fauna: BroochOrnamental Fauna: Ear PieceOrnamental Fauna: Nipple PieceOrnamental Fauna (Film)MoustikPetit - BoyauxBone GeodisisLotus LeAF InstallationOrnamental Fauna: PapillonGolden Leaf 1Golden Leaf 2MorphosesFaileAgony BoxWooden Box - NYC 83Mark FrancisNucleus (Division)Untitled MonoprintAngela GlacjarTerforation 2007-022Terbloc 2008-133Terforation IV / XVIII - 2008-160Terforation 2009-088Terforation VIII 2009-092Terforation 2012-023Terforation 2010-058Terbloc 2009-110Terforation 2012-034Terforation 2012-030Terforation 2012-031Terforation 2012-032Nick GeorgiouAtlasKalkiPlatterHugo DaltonJadeDamien HirstThe Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Blue with Pink/Yellow) - uniqueThe Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Large Purple/White Butterfly)The Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Large Orange Butterfly)The Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Large Green Butterfly)The Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Large Green/Yellow Butterfly)Altar (Sanctum)Dome (Sanctum)Chancel (Sanctum)Minaret (Sanctum)Belfry (Sanctum)Spire (Sanctum)OleoylsarcosineOleoylsarcosineOleoylsarcosineOleoylsarcosineUntitled (Spin)SpinThe Last Supper (Chicken)The Last Supper (Mushroom)The Last Supper (Omelette)The Last Supper (Liver Bacon Onions)The Last Supper (Meatballs)The Last Supper (Cornish Pasty)The Last Supper (Steak and Kidney)The Last Supper (Salad)The Last Supper (Sandwich)The Last Supper (Dumpling)The Last Supper (Beans Chips)The Last Supper (Corned Beef)The Last Supper (Sausages)CineoleCinchonidineCiclopirox OlamineThe Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Large Yellow)The Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Large Blue)The Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Large Red)The Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Large Red/Green)The Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Small Green)The Souls on Jacob's Ladder Take Their Flight (Small Yellow/Black)I Once Was What You Are, You Will Be What I Am (Skull 1)I Once Was What You Are, You Will Be What I Am (Skull 2)I Once Was What You Are, You Will Be What I Am (Skull 3)I Once Was What You Are, You Will Be What I Am (Skull 4)I Once Was What You Are, You Will Be What I Am (Skull 5)I Once Was What You Are, You Will Be What I Am (Skull 6)Bromphenol BluePyronin YEthidium Bromide Aqueous SolutionXylene Cynol Dye SolutionEllipticineThe Skull Beneath the SkinAll You Need is Love, Love, LoveDavid HockneyHotel Acatlan First DayHotel Acatlan Second DayHotel Acatlan Two Weeks LaterViews of Hotel Well ILithograph of Water Made of Lines with Two Light Blue Washes (T.206)Lithograph of Water Made of Thick and Thin Lines and a Light Blue and a Dark Blue Wash (T.208)Lithograph of Water Made of Lines and a Green Wash (T. 204)Swimming PoolGregory EvansCold Water about to hit the PrinceApples, Grapes and Lemon on a TableThe Enchantress in her GardenThe Enchantress with the Baby RepunzelThe Sexton Disguised as a Ghost Stood Still as StoneIan GarlantEvidenceMetal RainMoon DialOmnia from Omnia Vincit Amor SeriesVincit from Omnia Vincit Amor SeriesAmor from Omnia Vincit Amor SeriesOscillationRadiant SpaceRune Wheel Dagaz Time [Illusion 4]Signs of LifeTime MachineTyr Alchemical Disc 1Cold Star IIDirty WordsIluvuluvme (Love in a Mirror)Rune Wheel Wunjo ( Joy)Rune Wheel Mannan (Power)Ian Garlant - SynthesisIluvuluvme - Love StonesCedamus Amori (Rune Figure)Time PieceCentre Wheel of Bergatt I HardangerWith This Ring IWith This Ring IILaura KeebleAstronomical FaithThe ViewerWithout ConsentRoy LichtensteinI Love LibertyHead with Feathers and BraidBrushstrokesHunter with DogJason MartinSEXYLUCKYLAZYLADYDamien MeadeUntitled IIHeadDoppelAndrew MunozThe ChristeningHumUntitledPitchLas GemelasSee-SawDas KindJohan Van MullemSans Titre (011203)Sans Titre (011204)Sans Titre (011243)Sans Titre (011225)Sans Titre (011103)Sans Titre (011205)Sans Titre (011219)Sans Titre (011228)Sans Titre (011227)Sans Titre (011232)Sans Titre (011223)Sans Titre (A011217)Sans Titre (A011245)Sans Titre (A011281)Sans Titre (011242)Sans Titre (D011126)Sans Titre (D011131)Sans Titre (D011134)Sans Titre (D011136)Sans Titre (D011143)Sans Titre (D011146)Sans Titre (D011147)Sans Titre (D011148)Sans Titre (D011149)Sans Titre (D011150)Sans Titre (D011151)Sans Titre (A011295)Sans Titre (A011257)Sans Titre (A011253)Sans Titre (A0112100)Sans Titre (A0112101)Sans Titre (011238)Henri MatisseFemme NueLoulou - MasqueLa PersaneNu Pour ClevelandJeune Etudiant, Masque ILa LettreNu sur Chaise de Repos sur Fond MoucharabiehDanseuse (or Dix Danseuse)Joan MiroLe Courtisan Grotesque 3Deux Femmes dans la NuitComposition SubrealisteLe Courtisan Grotesque 4Les Essencies De La TerraLe Lever du SoleilLa MarchandeDiane de EphesosMontroig 2Oiseau DestructeurQuatre Colors Aparien el MonLa FrondeEquinoxBlatt 3 Quatre Colors Aparien el MonLa Femme AngoraGargantuaL'Enfance d'Ubu (ID 4278)L'Enfance d'Ubu (ID 4285)L'Enfance d'UbuGalateeHenry MooreTwo Reclining Figure: PointsMother and ChildMother and ChildSix Stone FiguresTwo Reclining FiguresReclining Mother and Child with Blue BackgroundMother and ChildShivashtie PoonwassiePerspective V (Blue)The World Inside My Head (Baby)Perspective VI (Pink)Perspective IIIGrayson PerryMap of NowhereContained AngerPrint for a PoliticianPablo PicassoFemme EndormieGrand Nu de FemmeFemme Nue Cueillant des FleursFemme au ChapeauLa Maigre (ID 3809)La Maigre (ID 3817)La Maigre (ID 3814)Marc QuinnReversal 3Mel RamosNudeBridget RileyUntitled (Based on 'Primitive Blaze')Untitled (Winged Curve)Jorge Rodriguez-GeradaJohn SmeatonKate MiddletonChesley B. Sullenberger IIIJustin SidneyEnvyReflectionsDeep PoolsSouth Kensington SubwayWillow TreesObsessionDeepUrban Marks IUrban Marks IIUrban Marks IIIBelow The WaterPolaroidDark OceanEmerald City IICity ScarsSlinkachuDamn KidsSugar HighSwashbucklingBonesThe Last ResortDownpourFantastic VoyageBoys Own AdventuresDispleasure BeachOne Day SonRiotUps and DownsAnimalsFlotsamDying EmbersSustainable LivingStranger DangerUps and Downs'They're Not Pets, Susan'Side OrdersNativesIt's All Fun and GamesSpilt MilkGloryThe LairOverpoweredSmall VictoryBlaze of GloryNo One Left To SaveSave The World, Get The GirlBackground NoiseSecret IdentitiesDreams of Living it All AgainHigh ExpectationsChildhood HeroAt Last, My NemesisGoodbye MetropolisMy Powers Have Abandoned MeDynamic DuoPlan BWonderlandSkyscrapingThe Food ChainAll AloneSchool RunAll Star NobodyFaded GrandeurInto the WindNatural ResourcesOut of TimeWonderful WorldEarly Mid-Life CrisisExit StrategyFreedomBalancing ActBrandedInto the WindWonderful WorldHanging onStrollJulie TremblayDiverDiver (Alternate angle)Tony HeywoodFive Flower BorderBell Jar Micro-LandscapeA Diptych LandscapeBell Jar Micro-LandscapeGavin TurkTruva GinkTruva GinkWar BoutiqueBOOMBomb BlanketUNofficial War ArtistRakeShot At IIIPrivatised PatBOOMAndy WarholThe ShadowBlack LeninJimmy Carter IIIRed LeninDiamond Dust HeartsUnique ShoesCampbell's Soup Can II - Oyster StewParamountTom WesselmannJudy on Blue BlanketMonica Nude with LichtensteinMonica Lying on Her BackWK InteractImpactUntitled (Landscape)Untitled (Portrait)Emily YoungLittle Lapis QueenSmall Onyx Striped HeadVerdite HeadBen YoungMetaphorMr CiaoWoman & Chav, Victoria ParkEpicenter Exhibitions Current Exhibitions Past Exhibitions Upcoming Exhibitions Publications Art Finder Private Press Join Mailing list Info Contact Us Staff List About Us Art Advisory Art Fund Services Buying & Selling Andipa Contemporary Intern Programme Sitemap
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